Gippsland New Energy Conference

New energy.

Words: Tim Leeson

On a drizzly Thursday morning in Sale, Gippsland’s future shone brightly as the Gippsland New Energy Conference celebrated a bold new direction for the region.

Skirting past a multitude of groups, all conversing animatedly, I briskly made my way into The Wedge Performing Arts Centre. It was August 2022, the Sale sky was grey, but the mood in the Wedge was considerably brighter.

I thought, ‘Hell yeah, how good are live events!’ even as I completed the various Covid safety statements.

I slid through the open door into the theatre early and, to my surprise, it was already packed and filled with a burbling excitement. The inaugural Gippsland New Energy Conference (GNEC) was about to get underway.

Full disclosure, I received a last-minute ticket to attend the event. Even so, I wasn’t convinced I’d actually make it. I struggle with ‘talk-fests’. They can sap my spirit. All front, but no realistic path to action.

So, the plan was that we’d head to Sale, take a gander, then enjoy a long weekend together as a family in the region. But then, I learnt that a couple of East Gippsland’s amazing artistic folk would be in attendance. As would other Gippslandia friends, mentors and collaborators. Slowly, the GNEC gained my interest.

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